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Providing information to angel investors about companies in Asia

I had been working on practices of coaching studies in the sports field for many years, and I realized the importance of “human development” by those experiences.

After that I started to work on the big subject of “education.”

In the practices of “education”, I’ve been working on “human development” (Self-understanding/Understanding others) with “team building.”

“People live by accepting each other and being accepted.”

Associate Professor, liberal arts education department, Faculty of Education, University of Musashino
Team facilitator, Program of Human Development, Faculty of Health Sciences and Nursing, University of Juntendo
Team building activities for improving world’s medical care
Chief producer, General Incorporated Association FIELD ACTIVITY & DISASTER MANAGEMENT, Shiga Kogen in Nagano Prefecture
Program of learning about disaster management in nature with team building
Organizational Development Seminar “Creating a place for learning by students”
Activity of regional revitalization project
Program of developing restoration assistance team
Human Development Program by Japanese farming experiences
Training of team building for companies

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