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Providing information to angel investors about companies in Asia


-Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. (Hokkaido)
(April 1976-March 1998: 22 years)

Business: Bank
Number of employees: Approximately 8,000
Market Information: Tokyo Stock Exchange Market Part 1 (Abolished)
Osaka Stock Exchange Market Part 1 (Abolished)
Sapporo Stock Exchange (abolished)
Business: Deposit-related business / Foreign exchange-related business
Loan business for companies and individuals, legal supervision, etc.

As an investigator of the Planning Department (Hokkaido Headquarters), he plans based on the Banking Act regarding the opening and relocation of branches (branches) and the budget management of the competent administrative agencies (former local finance, banks, etc.). , Financial statement management, etc., supervision of laws and regulations based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Securities and Exchange Act (currently the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act), etc.

Lending / Foreign currency management / Credit (Hokkaido / Sapporo Station North Exit)
Loan business and credit management as a senior researcher in the Development Department (Tokyo)
Responsible for comprehensive management based on relevant laws and regulations and supervision of laws and regulations based on related laws and regulations.

I am seconded to “Joint Credit Purchasing Organization Co., Ltd.” as the general manager of the accounting department. In addition, I am in charge of accounting for the purchase of accounts receivable held by financial institutions and legal supervision based on related laws and regulations. .. Included with General Planning Department (Tokyo).

Deputy branch manager (Nakano branch, Tokyo), Banking Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Securities and Exchange Law (currently Financial Instruments and Exchange Law).

-Japan Covidien Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
(April 1998-August 2014: 5 months in 2004)

Business: Import / sale / manufacture / sale of medical equipment, etc.
Number of employees: Approximately 38,000 (domestic and overseas)
Approximately 1,700 people (Japan)
Duties: Comprehensive management of general affairs and legal affairs
General oversight of internal audit system and legal compliance

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