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This is an angel member registration. Formal angel registration will be reviewed after submission of the certificate.

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Providing information to angel investors about companies in Asia
Information on companies aiming for IPO, good companies, and good businessesMatch potential companies and businesses in Asia and seize opportunities!Professional social contribution investors, excellent funds, VC registrationAsia's best companies and business informationSupport for entrepreneurs and IPO, "Dragon Fund" Investor presentation

Origin of the Name
Born in Singapore Dragons and lions are guardian gods Singapore’s iconic Merlion The lion is called Leo in Latin.
Make the world fun and happy.
The birth of the Dragon Leo Foundation.

Features of DRAGON Holdings

Many investors are particularly looking at Asian countries. But there has never been any solid information or investment opportunity.

Dragon Holdings provides a community that matches professional investors with businesses and companies. Angel investors want information on the best companies and businesses in Asia.

Executive Producer JUNYA OKAMOTO

Asian Financial Market Network

Dragon Holdings uses the Asian financial information network to collect and provide information.

Limited number of members

Membership is limited, so substantial services are provided.

Fund & VC

There is also information on projects from funds and VCs and investment management.

Limited number of members! Please join us as soon as possible.

The first member recruitment is 100 people. We are recruiting a small number of members in order to provide substantial services. If you are interested, please contact us and apply as soon as possible.

Usage fee

The angel membership system costs $ 100 (excluding tax) per month. The review of companies and businesses is $ 1000 (excluding tax), and registration is reasonable with a monthly fee of $ 500 (excluding tax).


Dragon Holdings will continue to expand its services for social contribution investors and angel members.

Contact Us

In our community, we look forward to the participation of angel investors and good companies who value social contribution. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Steps to becoming an angel investor

The flow from the tentative application to the actual becoming an angel investor in the Dragon Holdings community.


Apply for an angel here (English & Japanese).


Confirm the application at the headquarters. After that, we will contact you by e-mail about the confirmation items for this registration.


You will receive a response to the email you received.


After the final confirmation at the headquarters, the application will be reviewed and you will receive an email notification of the completion of this application.

* In some cases, the screening will not pass.

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