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Providing information to angel investors about companies in Asia

Human&Education support

We grow true leaders in Asia together with companies to support the wealthy, entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders in Asia. We make use of Japan’s wonderful education.

Health and medical support

We will provide luxurious services for the wealthy who are leading the era by utilizing the latest technology, from the fusion of western medicine and oriental medicine, to diagnosis and improvement of physical condition.

IT System support

In the field of “education, health, and medical care” that has a high social contribution, we develop and provide services from B2B to B2C, from IoT to server systems and data science (AI and big data) leading the era.

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For example, a typical investment is a business element such as “Company A’s business has potential,” “Company B’s business performance is rising and the contents are good,” or PER (price-to-earnings ratio) or PBR (stock price net worth). It is often said that corporate value is determined using quantitative indicators such as magnification.

Meanwhile, the “Dragon LEO Foundation, Asia President Club” belongs to the education category, with entrepreneurs, social investors, and successful people who contribute to society and give back to society through people & education, health care, and education systems. We are a foundation that supports business people who contribute to the business of the world for the global environment.

Board of Directors

Contents of business support

Spread the beauty of Japanese education to emerging Asian countries
Spreading the fusion of health, western medicine and oriental medicine
Global asset management utilizing the foundation for the next generation of families and children
Wellness Village

Pilot facilities -Wellness village for the wealthy-

Residence of a Japanese doctor, remote consultation, massage room, aroma and treatment, healthy water, additive-free ingredients, regular village party
Cruising, regular short trips, study sessions, business construction
A children’s leader, Dragon School, is adjacent
Collaborative medical corporation for remote interviews
Collaborating physicians (internal medicine, surgery, beauty)

Conditions of Directors, Participating Directors and Councilors

It is developed mainly for educators, medical professionals, and businesspeople who have contributed to society.

※ Only by introduction

Business development

  • Singapore subsidiary (Asia President Club PTE LTD)
  • Indonesian corporation (PT International Business Produce)

Information disclosure method

  • Dragon Community
  • Dragon TV

WelcometoAPC Group

APC Wellness
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